Customer Support
Reimagined for Success

A fresh approach to deliver personalized and targeted support to your customers, designed from the ground up for teams with quick turnaround and customer happiness goals

All Channels, Organized Into One Unified Inbox

Seamlessly Switch Between Accounts

Effortlessly view, manage and reply from your connected accounts. For Twitter, switch instantly between tweets and DMs.

Access Customer Conversation History With Ease

Find the entire customer conversation history in one place. No more flipping through messages across your inbox. Cross-channel communications are grouped giving you the full customer interaction picture.


Drive Higher Throughputs with Noise Reduction and Auto Triaging

Find messages pre segmented, automagically

Sophisticated Deep Learning algorithms understand your customers' queries and segment them, allowing you to get to issues that need your attention.

Cut Through the Noise

Focus on customers having real issues by filtering through all the social media noise.


Duplicate Replies. Never. Again.

Real Time Collision Avoidance

See who's in the process of replying to an incoming query in real time. No more embarrassing situations with duplicate or contradictory replies to the same customer.


Win Over Your Customers through Team Collaboration

Assign Conversations to Team Members

Optimize your support delivery and divide your workload by assigning requests to individual team members.

All the Inbox Features you Already Love

Star, Archive messages or mark them as read. Filter your inbox by channel, triage categories, time and much more.


Make Informed Decisions with Embedded Business Data

Super Flexible Integration

Get up and running, fast. Start seeing your business data add context to conversations in a matter of minutes. The possibilities are endless.

Enrich Conversations with Context

See customer insights alongside conversations. Never ask redundant questions again. Your business data allows you to take informed decisions immediately, getting you towards issue resolutions, faster.

No Extra Development Effort Required

Zero Effort integration lets you connect your business data APIs into Zelp, in true plug and play fashion. It's time to say goodbye to switching between dashboards.


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