Transform your social media customer experience

Zelp helps your business stand out by enabling you to create meaningful and differentiating customer support experiences on social media








We help you put your customer support on cruise control

Chatbots that support both you and your customers

Deploy custom chatbots on both Facebook and Twitter to streamline the process of providing support, gathering information and receiving feedback

These fully-automated chatbots are easy to create, seamlessly integrate with our support inbox and require absolutely no coding knowledge, so you can have them running in minutes.


Comprehensive Chatbot Integration

It’s easy to create, test and deploy your bots across Facebook and Twitter.


Consistent experience across channels

Creating chatbots is hard. It’s even harder to create ones that work the same across different channels. Zelp takes away all the heavy-lifting and lets you focus on creating innovative and consistent experiences.


Design the perfect chatbot

Zelp lets you test out your chatbots anywhere, anytime. Work out any tweaks and perfect your chatbot before you enable it for all your customers.


Intuitive chatbot builder

Each bot should be designed with your customers in mind. Our super-intuitive editor makes it easy to design the perfect chatbot in minutes.

Chatbots and Inbox that work together


Assign & Resolve Issues

Your chatbot can actively assign outstanding issues to team members, so they can be resolved in a timely manner


Greet Your Customers

Make your customers feel welcomed by automatically sending custom greetings and welcome messages


Gauge Customer Feedback

Feedback from customers is priceless. Use chatbots to gather and assign CSAT scores to customer issues


Our support inbox is incredibly powerful, even without chatbots. It encourages collaboration and helps your team resolve issues quickly and effectively.

An all-in-one Inbox

Zelp helps keep things simple by providing you with a unified inbox that gives you access to all social media inquiries from Facebook and Twitter

Effortlessly manage conversations

Time is money, use yours wisely by keeping all social conversations in one easy-to-access place. Take advantage of our inbox features like filters, search, archive, star & tags.

Respond to your customers

Customers like to feel appreciated. Use quick replies & signatures to seamlessly send personalized responses to your customers.


The Complete Messaging Experience

Your team needs a messaging experience that is simple and intuitive


Express with emojis

Customers want to feel like they’re talking to a real person. Use Emojis to make conversations feel more personalized.


Private conversations

Zelp makes it easy to take conversations private, so you can request sensitive information and have detailed conversations without missing a beat.


Switch accounts with the click of a button

Zelp makes managing multiple social media accounts a breeze. You can connect multiple accounts and seamlessly switch between them while you reply to customers


Rich messages

Engage with your customers with rich messages that include images, GIFs and videos to create the complete customer experience.

Get work done as a team


Collision Detection

Zelp helps you avoid duplications by letting you know if somebody is already responding to a customer in real time


Private Notes

Leave private notes on customer conversations to collaborate and discuss with your team members


Assign issues

Route customers to the most suitable team member and evenly distribute your workload to increase efficiency

Context Matters


Historical conversations

We store your conversation history so you can access and search all customer interactions


CRM integration

Pull crucial information from your CRMs & display them right in your inbox


Know your customers

Know your customers like the back of your hand with their complete profile information

Analytics & Reporting

Figure out what works and what doesn’t with our powerful analytics that helps you actively gain insights into your social media customer support operations.


Team Metrics

Compare team members to see who stands out and who needs to pick up the pace


Response Times

Actively track your response times and know how your team is doing


CSAT Score

Record CSAT scores, and measure customer satisfaction


Chatbot Metrics

Measure how effectively your chatbot is performing, so you can make it even better


Export Data

Export all reporting for more in-depth examinations and deep-dives

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